Our Herd

1st Place SEPA 2006
1st Place and Reserve Champion Empire Show - 2006      
1st Place and Champion Carolina Classic - 2006
2nd Place North America Alpaca Show - 2007
2nd Place MAPACA - 2007
1st Place PAOBA - 2007
2nd Place AOBA Nationals - 2007
2nd Place Spin-Off VAOBA - 2007
1st Place and Highest Score for Fleece -Greys Award - MAPACA - 2008

We can't say enough about this gorgeous girl--Orian is a rare
medium rose grey and/or indefinite dark (depending on the judge).
Her beautiful fleece is dense with a uniform crimp throughout.  She
has a beautiful head, outstanding fleece and excellent coverage.  
Her dam is MFI Casseopeia and her sire is LTD Accoyo's Goldsmith.

Bred to 4 X color champion Lucky Luciano for a May 2008 cria - we
are so looking forward to this cria--should be very special!

They have arrived!  Yes, it's not one, but two!  Twins!  Girls!
York's Twin Princesses Grace and Anne (Gracie and Annie)
born May 21, 2008, just 9 pounds each.  They are doing great.
See updated pics on Photos Page.

Orian is bred to our Apollo's Vesuvius, a gorgeous full Peruvian
medium fawn male, for a July 2009 cria.  
Queen Esther (Estee') has arrived--another beautiful light fawn girl.
Orian is bred to 7 Times Champion Mary's Hudson for a fall 2010
Can't wait to see what this superb match-up brings us
Twinkles - DOB 2/27/02 SOLD
(above left with Duchess on r)
Twinkles is light silver grey and what a great
mom!  She has easy deliveries and plenty of milk.  
Twinkles has produced a beautiful black with white
accents female, a dark brown male and two very
handsome silver grey males with wonderful soft
crimpy fiber.  Twinkles has been rebred to 4 X
color champion Lucky Luciano with a 11/18/08 due
Duchess of York was born November 2, 2008
and is a quite lovely silver grey girl with mahogany
Black Magic - DOB 2/28/06  (right)

Diamond Monjeau's Miss Black Magic is a tremendous black female.  
What great genetics--she is a Dom Lucilio granddaughter with
PPPeruvian Royal Fawn as her great grandsire.  Her sire,
Enchantment's Monjeau, is himself a 6-time color champion.  Her fiber
is amazingly fine for a true black and she has luscious crimp and dense
coverage.  She is so black you can hardly find her eyes under her
fiber.  Magic has been bred to Silver Cloud Farm's true black herdsire,
Sapphire, for a Spring of 2010 cria. It's a girl! What a beauty, Lady
Onyx, is true black and lovely, born June 16, 2010.

3rd Place - TxOLAN - 2006
2nd Place - MAPACA Jubilee fleece spin-off - 2008
3rd Place - PAOBA - fleece spin-off - 2008

Gracie and
Annie at 2
months old
They just
had a
haircut! (left)
Gracie (L), Orian (middle), and Annie (R) relaxing
in the barn.
They love to snuggle!
Five months old
Casseopeia - DOB 1/28/2001  (below)
Casse is a wonderful dark grey girl with the quirkiest
little face.  She is the mother of Orian and the
grandmother to the twins. She is a daughter of the
legendary herdsire, Dom Timbo. Casse always has
fantastic crias!
Her cria last year, Grey Vista, was born on September 24,
, a gorgeous little grey boy with perfect conformation and
his fiber is so fine with tiny little popcorn bundles. Winning big
this year in the show ring! This year's cria,
Noble of York, out
of Apollo's Vesuvius, was born
September 18, 2009 and is a
dark brown with black points
Rebred to A.L. Paca's Jackhammer and produced lovely Lily
on October 20, 2010 -- another wow!
Pocohantas - DOB 8/18/1999
Pocohantas is a beautiful, rare, head turning
exotic grey full Peruvian female.  She is a
favorite because she stands out in the field and
is bred from an impressive Peruvian
background--her dam is Peruvian Peregrina
and her sire is 4Peruvian Matador.  She is an
easy producer, good mother and easy birther.  
Pocohantas gave birth to a stunning black and white
Alucio Jett, born September 3, 2008.  He is a
Lucky Luciano son and his fiber is extremely fine with
the softest handle.  At the age of six weeks, he was
already weighing over 50 pounds! Pocohantas gave
birth this year on
September 21, 2009 to another
stunning black and white male named aptly,
Britches of York
.  His sire, Apollo's Vesuvius, is now
proven to allow lots of color and wow!
Rebreed to A.L. Paca's Jackhammer and
Dior Knight was born October 9, 2010 and another
thriller he is!  Dior is sold.
Girl and Macusani's Peruvian Titanium.  She has produced two
gorgeous true black males and on
September 21, 2008, she
produced an awesome dark fawn female,
Harmony, out of
Peruvian Riveria. She was rebred to Lucky Luciano and produced
a gorgeous grey girl,
Lucia Rose, on September 14, 2009. She
was rebred to Vesuvius and produced a stunning bay black girl,
Coco Puff, in October of 2010.
Saratoga - DOB June 4, 2007
Saratoga is a beautiful light fawn maiden
female out of Scarlett of Accoyo Felix
full Peruvian herd sire, Apollo's
Vesuvius for a Spring 2010 cria.
See sales listing for these girls
on www.alpacanation.com
Halter training - 10 months old - Getting
Best buddies--
Noble & Luci Rose -
October 2009
Dior born 10/2011
Lady Onyx
born October 20, 2010